A discussion on the ideology of capitalism in the united states

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A discussion on the ideology of capitalism in the united states

Thorold Thor May What will be the dominant ideologies of the 21st Century? These are all ways to organize the lives of people on a large scale. Are real alternatives or new interpretations likely to emerge in the challenging years ahead?

What might they look like? The notes to follow were prepared for a Brisbane Australia meetup discussion group. They in no way represent systematic research drawn from a comprehensive selection of resources, although a small, eclectic reading list has been added at the end.

The notes are, however, designed to stimulate discussion for or against the propositions raised and may therefore be of some value to a wider audience.

A discussion on the ideology of capitalism in the united states

He was not angry or cruel or unfair, but only kind and gentle. During his reign he made a royal proclamation to all the animals. He laid out rules for a Universal League of animals.

In this League, the wolf would not harm the lamb, nor would the panther harm the kid. The tiger would not hurt the deer, and the dog would not hurt the hare. Everyone should live in perfect peace and friendship. When the hare saw this proclamation, she said, "Oh how I have waited for this day.

How wonderful it is that the weak will stand alongside the strong without fear. Why do ideologies exist? Ideologies can be a bit like that.

And as with my tattoo phobia definition, ideologies can make you blood enemies forever with no credible logic or advantage to anybody involved. Yet it is undeniable that humans are a herding species, mostly disinclined to think through complex social issues in detail for themselves, What will be the dominant ideologies of the 21st Century?

This goes for religions, marriage ceremonies, ideologies, football teams or crowding for a holiday in Bali or Koh Samui.

Will the 21st Century do without ideologies? Ideologies are going to be with us forever. The question is how seriously the herd takes them, and who become the high priests for interpreting them to the unwashed masses.

The 20th Century gave us some pretty horrible examples of ideologies used as vehicles for mass extinction while claiming to be vehicles for mass progress. There is no particular reason to expect that the 21st Century will be more enlightened in this regard amongst those people who always form the bulk of ideological foot soldiers.

It is true that there are more formally educated people on the planet than ever before, and more available tools for critical thinking, especially in the online world.

Yet it is also true that the tools for mass mobilization are more powerful than they have ever been, while their control passes with increasing rapidity to compromised governments, corporations and secretive elites.

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This secrecy makes a considered response to genuine threats especially difficult.We were provoked to write this article because the possibilities in the United States for a genuine, free-wheeling discussion of capitalism’s defects, and the merits of socialism, are greater today than at any time in generations, and we must not let this historic moment pass.

Watch video · And this is a very unique thing in the American experience. And this is why it's very important to think of American capitalism as an operating system and not as an ideology. Because when you think about it as an ideology, you can have good politics make for very, very bad policy.

Capitalist Countries

Moderate critics have recently challenged this, stating that the current influence lobbying groups have had on policy in the United States is a contradiction, given the approval of Citizens United.

This has led people to question the idea that competitive capitalism promotes political freedom. See Wikipedia: Capitalism The original 13 states all had laws on the books that regulated commerce, a form of mercantilism. Freedom was understood as the right to live free of coercion and intimidation.5/5(1).

Perhaps nothing points so clearly to the alienated nature of politics in the present day United States as the fact that capitalism, the economic system that drives the society, is effectively off-limits to critical review or discussion.

Capitalism after a time absorbed older forms of enterprise and simultaneously raised the stakes of business to unexpected heights. One difficulty for Americans in understanding the rise of capitalism in the United States is the very fact that capitalism is a system.

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