Addiction notes psya4


Addiction notes psya4

What the Board expects you to know: Risk factors in the development of addiction, including genetic vulnerability, stress, personality, family influences and peers. Explanations for nicotine addiction: Explanations for gambling addiction: Most of these only consider addiction Addiction notes psya4 drugs chemical addictionfor example: However, loss of control is subjective and raises ethical issues since it suggests a certain level of culpability and blame.

To fully understand the process of addiction we need to consider the full range of psychological, biological, social and cultural variables, as well as consider the individual.

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Behavioural addictions Can behavioural addictions such as gambling be classified similarly to chemical addiction? Clinical Addiction notes psya4 of addiction Carnes A behaviour that is out of control Severe consequences Inability to stop despite these consequences Persistent pursuit of self-destructive or risky behaviour Desire to stop the behaviour Use of the behaviour as a coping strategy Increasing levels of the behaviour needed to get the same effect tolerance Lots of time spent both in trying to engage in the behaviour as well as recovery Severe mood changes when carrying out the behaviour Social, occupational, and recreational activities sacrificed Characteristics of an addiction Griffiths believes there to be six main characteristics to an addiction.

AQA Psychology – PSYA3 and PSYA4 exam question answers Moore found that young male problem gamblers sometimes have unrealistic ideas about their chances of winning and of their ability to influence outcomes
Already a member? Neurochemical transmitters — there are chemicals which ove between nerve cells to transmit messages across the synapse.
PSYA4 - Media Influence on addiction by Clare Schulze on Prezi What the Board expects you to know: Risk factors in the development of addiction, including genetic vulnerability, stress, personality, family influences and peers.
Addiction - Fullscreen Biological explanations for smoking Individuals may be genetically predisposed to finding smoking more rewarding.
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The Board has condensed these into the following: Physical and Psychological Dependence Physical dependence centres on the withdrawal symptoms experienced when the behavior or the drug stops. In fact it is only when these symptoms are experienced that we can be certain that physical dependence has occurred.

PSYA4 addiction revision - TPB & Explanations by Clare Schulze on Prezi

Generally these include anxiety, pain, irritability and shaking. Psychological dependence or salience when the behaviour becomes the most important thing to the person. From the moment the addict wakes up their thinking is dominated by their next fix.

Alcohol and nicotine addicts tend not to be so obvious in this regard, since they are able to combine their addiction with other behaviours in social settings. However, once deprived of their fix, salience becomes far more apparent. Tolerance Usually associated with chemical addiction such as alcohol or heroin, this one can also be applied to behaviours.

Basically the addict needs bigger and bigger hits to get the same effect as they did initially with smaller amounts. A gambler will need to take bigger risks and place larger bets. There is also cross-tolerance when tolerance to one chemical such as alcohol or nicotine results in larger doses of other chemicals, including medication.

The best example is alcoholics who need larger doses of anaesthetic to render them unconscious. Withdrawal Syndrome Refers to the collection of symptoms that are experienced when the addiction is not being fed. Essentially these are the opposite of what the drug itself creates and usually involve pain, stress and anxiety.

This collection of symptoms provides the motivation for maintenance via the process of negative reinforcement. The addict gets a rush or buzz when engaged in the behaviour. The addict is also able to use their behaviour to bring about a mood change.

Interestingly, the same chemical or behaviour can alter mood in different directions depending on time or setting. Nicotine can stimulate in the morning or relax before sleep.Addiction Addiction Abstract Addiction knows no prejudice; it does not care what race, religion, sex or orientation. You can be addicted to drugs, gambling, x-box, shopping and eating.

Addiction notes psya4

Addiction is an illness that requires, for most, professional help and that once you are an addict you are always an addict. Melanie ★. This is my attempt at revision notes for the addiction topic. A lot of the material is taken from other notes found on here, but I have added some studies for evaluation of the explanations for different addictions/stages.

Jun 14,  · This will reinforce their addiction and make it harder for them to seek out to help themselves. addictions psychology aqa addictive behaviour psychology aqa Outline one biological intervention for reducing addictive behaviour and evaluate the effectiveness of this intervention psya4 addictions Psya4 January Transcript of PSYA4 - Media Influence on addiction.

Media Influences on Addictive Behaviour The role of media on addictive behaviour Two key areas 1. Representation of addiction in films Before we start - Note the two questions you identified last week to get right!

Starter - Review of last lesson. Jun 14,  · Psya4 June Outline the biological approach to explaining relapse in addiction (4 marks) Discuss two risk factors which make people more vulnerable to addiction (4+6 marks) Governments use a range .

PSYA4 - Addiction, Depression & Research Methods - Revision Notes (43 pages) 43 page set of in depth notes on topics in PSYA4 - Addiction, Depression and RM.

Addictions | Psychology A2 Model Answers