Analysis of one of othellos soliloquy in act 3 in discussion form (speech essay

Iago has convinced Othello that his wife, Desdemona is cheating on Othello with Cassio. At first Othello did not believe a word Iago said about Desdemona, but as soon as there was the slightest amount of evidence. Othello started believing and eating all the words that Iago said.

Analysis of one of othellos soliloquy in act 3 in discussion form (speech essay

The reports differ in the size of the fleet, but all speak of the danger as the combined force has turned back toward Cyprus. Othello enters the meeting with Cassio, Brabantio, Iago, and others, and the Duke immediately appoints Othello to lead the forces to defend Cyprus.

At this point, the Duke notices Brabantio, who believes that his daughter has been corrupted with magic potions because, according to him, she wound never willingly marry such a man as she did. Initially, the Duke promises him support in a prosecution for witchcraft, a capital crime, against the man who has seduced his daughter, but when the Duke realizes the seducer is Othello, he calls on the general to defend himself.

Othello describes his courtship of Desdemona in a dignified and persuasive speech and and asks the Duke to send for Desdemona so that she may speak. Iago leads the group that goes to fetch her. When Othello finishes speaking, the Duke declares in favor of Othello: Desdemona then speaks, gently outlining an argument so strong that it finishes the whole debate: Fathers must give way to husbands.

Othello must go immediately to Cyprus to command its defense, and Desdemona requests to go as well. The Duke grants her wish, and Othello, who must leave that night, delegates Iago to follow later in another ship, bringing Desdemona and whatever else is needed.

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Iago and Roderigo are left on stage. Roderigo is downcast and talks of drowning himself. Iago replies with scorn that such misery is silliness and convinces Roderigo to go to Cyprus and wait for Desdemona to come to him, as she will surely soon become bored with Othello.

Iago, because he hates Othello, says he will help Roderigo have Desdemona and reminds Roderigo to bring plenty of money. Iago, alone on stage, considers the situation: He has consolidated his source of money, and he has heard a rumor that Othello has had sex with his wife, Emilia.

Although he does not believe the rumor, he will act as though he does to feed his hatred. Analysis During the military discussion, the audience discovers that Cyprus is of supreme value to the Venetians, and it is vital that it remain under Venetian control for protection of sea trade.

Analysis of one of othellos soliloquy in act 3 in discussion form (speech essay

Therefore, when command is conferred on Othello, the Duke is making a public statement that Venice relies on him completely. Othello rightly feels confident; whatever his marriage arrangements, he knows that the Senators will back him because they need him.

After they deal with the military crisis, the Senators consider how to avenge an injustice done to one of their members: They think his daughter must have died, and, for Brabantio, it is as if she had died. He believes that she has so gone against nature that witchcraft must be to blame.

This declaration is significant because witchcraft was a capital crime; the law on this topic was indeed "bloody" dealing with how a witch was to be tortured and eventually executed. Suddenly the commander appointed to save Venice from her enemies is under risk of execution. He declares he is a soldier with no skill in making speeches: This is an extraordinary declaration, appearing as it does within a very dignified and elegantly expressed speech that shows that Othello does indeed know how to express himself.

When he is under pressure, he summons up his strength, faces his situation, and presents his case in beautifully expressed images.

The ability to compose himself and to give a speech under pressure has been a valued quality in a military leader. Othello uses that military ability here in defense of his private life.

Othello fills in the background: As he is charged with using magic, he will tell what magic he used, knowing that he used none.

Brabantio is not the first father to have an unrealistic view of his daughter and to be shocked when she seeks a lover or a husband that does not meet his image or expectations.

He assumes with no evidence that a black face is "what she feared to look on" He is blinded by his own prejudices, and he ascribes them to Desdemona, painting the picture of a daughter who could not possibly fall in love with a black man.

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His reasoning here seems to go thusly: The Senator follows this up with a direct question: All attention is now on Othello, who introduces his defense with endearing simplicity: Brabantio put him at his ease and encouraged him to speak of his life and adventures.

Although Othello has said that he cannot speak easily, it is as a speaker that Brabantio and his daughter appreciated him. Othello tells the story of his life.In this soliloquy or passage (Act 5, Scene 2, line ), Othello is about to commit the murder of his beautiful wife, Desdemona on false prefixes.

Previous to Act 5, scene 2, Iago had convinced Othello that Desdemona had made him a cuckold. Othello is totally overcome with . Get an answer for 'In Othello's soliloquy in Act 3, Scene iii, how does he suspect that his age, lack of sophisication, and skin color have affected his situation.' and find homework help for.

Desdemona's salutation to Othello in act 3 is lamentably prophetic--"Be it as your fancies teach you, / What e'er you be, I am obedient" ().

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He leaves her to be instructed in her whoredom. The lost handkerchief becomes the emblem of the women's power and its loss. posts / 0 new. Log in or register to post comments. Last post.

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