Cinema of attractions

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Cinema of attractions

Cinema Of Attractions Cinema Of Attractions As early cinema began, its fascination with the image itself is what Tom Gunning describes as the lead attribute towards his idea of the Cinema of Attractions. Many early filmmakers were still discovering the capabilities of film, aiding them in focusing on what they could show instead of what they could tell.

The image itself represented more than the story behind it.

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It directly interacts the viewers with the images they see, stimulating on a level that is purely exhibitionist. While narrative film aims to give the sense of being a voyeur to the unsuspecting characters, the cinema of attractions is aware of the audience, and in reply is creating images specifically for them to see.

This eye contact with the camera gives the viewer the sense that they in turn are being watched by what they are watching, making them self aware as an audience. More simply put, it is the idea of having a moving image that interacts with a viewer in order to keep their focus on nothing other than the image they are being show.

This is not to say that narrative films are entirely separate to the world of the cinema of attraction.

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On the contrary, narratives will often incorporate this form of cinema into their development. Gunning relates this shot to the stimulus one gets from being on a carnival ride The Cinema of Attraction[s]: Early Film, Its Spectator and the Avant-Garde Tom Gunning Writing in r9zz, flushed with the excitement of seeing Abel Gance's Le RouE, Femand L6ger tried to define something of the radical possibilities of the cin-ema.

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of results for "cinema of attractions" Amazon Music Unlimited. Listen to any song, anywhere. Learn More about Amazon Music Unlimited. The Cinema of Attractions Reloaded (Film Culture in Transition) Oct 9, by Wanda Strauven.

Cinema of attractions

Paperback. $ $ 51 49 $ Prime. Jan 15,  · “The cinema of attractions directly solicits spectator attention, inciting visual curiosity, and supplying pleasure through an exciting spectacle – a unique event, whether fictional or documentary, that is of interest in itself”.

As “cinema of attractions” this concept has become widely adopted, even outside the field of early cinema. Ranging from the films of the Lumière brothers to The Matrix by Andy and Larry Wachowski, from trains rushing into the audience to bullet time effects, the “cinema of attractions” is a cinema that shocks, astonishes and directly.

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