Class 12th subject english flamingo an

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Class 12th subject english flamingo an

The poetess on way to the airport at Cochin is suddenly struck by the thought that her mother has grown old. This realization being sudden is alarming.

Old age seems to have crept up on her and it is a reality that she finds hard to accept.

Class 12th subject english flamingo an

Her corpse like and ashen face bring thoughts of her eventual death. Her mother sleeping beside her in the car appears pale and worn out and the green trees racing past and speeding car are a grim reminder that time has flown by. The joyous children playing outside give her the respite that she is seeking from her thoughts of old age and parting as they are representative of youth, energy and life.

Perhaps they take her back to the days of her idyllic youth when her mother too was young and energetic or perhaps they bring to the fore the fear of losing her mother that haunts every young child.

Once again she feels the insecurity of parting from her mother- who has lost the blush of youth and middle age and in the twilight of her life has become as pale as lustreless as the winter moon. Beset with sorrow at this knowledge and with the insecurity and pain of parting the poetess at the airport bids her old mother goodbye, smiling all the time in a vain attempt to hide her real feelings.

Where was the poet driving to? What did she notice while her mother sat beside her? What did the poet do then? Find words from the passage which mean: A How were the young trees sprinting? B What did she see the children doing? Short Answer Type Questions: Where is the poet going and who is with her?

What kind of images has the poet used to signify her ageing decay?

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What does the poet see happening outside? Describe the contrast of the scene inside the car with the activities going on outside. Describe the use of images that the poet employs to strike that contrast.

What does the poet do after the security check-up? What does she notice?Etymology and linguistic differences.

Class 12th subject english flamingo an

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