Editorial writing about k to 12 curriculum

Tuesday, November 15, Persuasive Essay: In addition to kindergarten, the new program will set 6 years of elementary education, 4 years of junior high school grades 7 to 10and 2 years of senior high school grades

Editorial writing about k to 12 curriculum

Translate this page from English Print Page Change Text Size: T T T Editorials: This is too theoretical. It is the ultimate dismissal a teacher can deliver. A presentation viewed as "abstract, theoretical, or intellectual" is blown out of the water.

The abstract, the theoretical, and the intellectual are all extremely practical — if we understand them and the role they play in our lives. This point is of profound significance for the school-restructuring movement, for if we truly understood it, we would shift our classroom paradigms for teaching and learning.

For example, human life would be unintelligible without language. But language itself would be unintelligible without abstractions. Likewise, without theories, we could never explain anything.

Things would occur around us for no reason that we could fathom. Our ability to figure things out is a product of the intellectual dimension of our minds and it functions by means of reasoning.

Poor intellectual functioning, poor reasoning.

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Good reasoning, good intellectual functioning. Why, then, are so many teachers irritated by the abstract and the theoretical? Why are they not energized by intellectual questions?

editorial writing about k to 12 curriculum

The answer is simple. Their schooling did not develop their intellectual capacities to a high level. To be painfully candid, most teachers are not skilled at theoretical work.

They are uncomfortable with abstractions. The whole notion of things intellectual is really — if truth be told — pretty much of a puzzle to them. I am arguing that the general distaste of many teachers for abstractions, theories, and intellectual presentations is a sign of a very serious problem in education today.

It means that most teachers are unlikely to assign serious intellectual work to their students, or, given a significant intellectual task to assign made up by someone elsethey are likely to have difficulty explaining intellectual standards appropriate to the doing and assessing of the task.

They will not grasp the intellectual moves to make in coaching the students through the task. They are unlikely to be able to distinguish genuine intellectual quality from pseudo-intellectual quality.

An articulate and amusing but poorly reasoned essay on a significant topic is likely to seem better work to them than a well-reasoned but unflashy essay. And more, they will lack the theoretical perspective needed to make intellectual connections between subjects.

Of course, the basic problem of an anti-theoretical, antiintellectual orientation is not by any means confined to the K community. Part of the problem is that focusing on the intellectual, at virtually any level of social life, goes against the grain of our times.

We do not live at a time in which most people are receptive to intellectual discipline.

editorial writing about k to 12 curriculum

We do not live at a time in which most people are willing to accept intellectual standards or use them in their thinking.

We live, rather, in an age of rampant subjectivity, in which people think they have a natural right to think or believe whatever they want, irrespective of evidence, knowledge, or quality of reasoning. People often say and believe just what they want to say and believe, whatever feels good, strokes their ego, or is commonly accepted.

If it sounds good or looks good, then it is good.This fact, coupled with a declining interest on the part of students in those areas (ACT, ) necessitates a dramatic and urgent need for K curriculum that fosters an interest in these fields and promotes skills that facilitate success.

A Lesson Plans Page lesson plan, lesson idea, thematic unit, or activity in Language Arts and Social Studies called Writing About The Holocaust, Writing an Editorial. This special issue on computing education in (K) schools represents considerable effort by the editorial team, authors, and reviewers.

It provides a series of country-specific case studies of. The Best K Homeschool Science Curricula. Updated on April 1, Carolyn LaCroix. It might be drawing something for the younger one and writing a paragraph for the older one on something they learned that day.

They were easily able to get the materials and do the lab together as well. Review of K Homeschool Math Curricula.

by. Students practice writing as they write a memoir, an editorial, a research paper, a business letter, and more. Students learn about parts of speech, punctuation, and research skills. Students study literature in a variety of genres including fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, and novels.

Jun 27,  · National Connections Academy’s (NaCA) full course listing below is a comprehensive look at every course available for the Grade 5 level.

The push to get into the K to 12 basic education program was, to be charitable about it, in part because of the proponents’ desire to upgrade our basic education program to improve the quality/skills of.

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