Examples of early african civilizations

These vast nations united Africa, managed wealthy trade routes, and controlled a potluck of cultures. Giustino While a Christian revolution was occurring in Europe, a powerful kingdom emerged on the African continent.

Examples of early african civilizations

Reply You have made an interesting point that may be linked to the people who lived before the great flood, and those who did survive it, and propagated the human race thereafter.

However, who exactly were these people and what did they leave behind as proof of their existence, and the proof of they being of more ancient origins than the Sumerians and Akkadians?

You provided us with a list of the Slavic nations that are of modern times, but if your theory is correct, what were these people known as, specifically? Did they have a writing system?

What about their religious, and spiritual beliefs? Recently, there were some massive stones that were discovered, I believe in the northern Russian mountains. Is there a possibility that this civilization of which you speak, were the amazing builders architects of this paleolithic structure?

Thank you for the comment, though. Mike November 22, at Have a look by googling it. Huge artificially cut stones! And there are many theories about what they were used for. The ancient Greeks and Romans built temples on them but are not the builders of the plateau.

Bert May 15, at 3: The mystery of it all; the lost answers we can merely hope for, and the wonder of passed time. If only humans had evolved with higher moral standard, our oldest histories and lessons of these lost times could potentially have been preserved.

Neither side has hard proof and that is as far as it goes. Nobody knows, and if you were to challenge anybody who thinks they do to prove it, what you would get is a bunch of idiots telling you to read the information located on their website, and a few other bunches of idiots spitting out their justifications for believing in their God of choice.

Hell, I believed it all too, when I was young. I am not saying everybody is wrong, I am saying nobody is right. Royce The Great Flood!?

Examples of early african civilizations

Likely a local event projected and magnified through ignorance of the greater world. Mike Reply Check your twisted history Adolf! Mankind started and originated from Southern Africa, if you want to get right down to it. Do some more reading and studying before you make unsubstantiated claims. You even know cuz he first.

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Mike January 27, at 8: This was done to speed up the reproduction of the slaves and make it less cumbersome. That si what really happened and not these religious fairytales! Thfdyj August 10, at 4: I am not going to bring religion into this and just state wat science says.

Science says that we evolved from other species, Apes. There are the bones of our ancestors found in the Middle East to prove it. If you want more proof look it up. Also the fact that these bones and all of the bones found were in the Middle East proves that humans originate from their.

Tony June 12, at Historical evidence shows the most advanced humans with bigger brains and bigger intellect existed in South Africa.

African empires - Wikipedia

White supremacy and ignorance make people blind to reality. Even when the evidence is overwelming you would find a way to twist it. Neanderfal existed in Europe, a sub species of humans that had to breed with Africans to survive Keith Oh, like you were there? Ghost Reply An article presesented here, is what the scientific community was able to collect.With training in mathematics, statistics, and economics, Mike Sullivan, III has a varied teaching background that includes 15 years of instruction in both high school and college-level mathematics.

He is currently a full-time professor of mathematics and statistics at Joliet Junior College. Learn what "big history" is and how scholars apply this approach to the story of humanity.

Gain new understanding of the complete sweep of human history, across all civilizations and around the world. Additional resources M y comparison page I am working on The link above will take you to a couple of pages I am working on that show bad examples of these figures and then good examples .

Most people visit Sicily for at least one of three very good reasons: the sunny beaches, the great cuisine, the fascinating multicultural history expressed in art and architecture such as the ancient Greek temples and the medieval Norman-Arab-Byzantine nationwidesecretarial.com regards the history - and to a great extent the cuisine - ours is a single island shaped by a dozen cultures from three continents.

This type is rather common in Africa, examples including the Kongo of the 17th century, the Cazembe, Luapula, Kuba, Ngonde, Mlanje, Ha, Zinza and Chagga states of the 18th century. federations such as the Ashanti Union. Early Agricultural Societies of Sub-Saharan Africa: Among the other groups moving into the region were Mande speaking people who cultivated rice along the west African coast, and other Niger-Congo language groups who spread okra cultivation from forest regions into West Africa.

These migrations, together with the Bantu migrations, led to the establishment of agricultural societies in the region.

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