Gender inequality in sports

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Gender inequality in sports

The discourse around these two players is deep and emotional, perhaps sending soccer lovers into fist fights when they argue their points. It is not only about the goals they score, assists they make or trophies and dribbling prowess; money has been used as well as a determinant of who has the edge over the other.

A report by Forbes revealing top richest athletes puts Lionel Messi second after Floyd Mayweather Jr, as Ronaldo comes in third.

Well, many soccer lovers who wade into the debate will be pouncing on this report just to show how the Argentine has eclipsed his Portuguese rival. But on the other hand, Forbes research finding has just exposed the rotten trend threatening to ruin the magnificent reputation of sports globally.

Get the latest sports news updates. Throughout the top richest athletes, no single female athlete makes the cut. There are several women who graced the world of sports.

None of them make the cut by bursting into the list. The situation was once highlighted by the Guardian when the media outlet ran an article condemning the widening rift fulfilling gender inequality in the game. While quoting a survey that was done to show the comparisons of salaries earned in sport in relations to gender; Guardian states that Sports was found wanting.

To say the least, it is a leading perpetrator of gender income inequality. It trails politics, business, and medicine and space exploration in perpetrating the vice.

Guardian news report reads in part: PSG star Neymar, one of the leading earners on athletes charts. Back home, Kenyans have had top athletes especially in athletics and other sports. Nonetheless, the question would be this: Congestina became a household name, but as fate would have it, her deteriorating health condition dashed her career, and so her talent.

One would ask a question like this: What would have been the situation of Congestina, if she was paid handsomely like they would for male boxers like Mayweather Jr? This sounds debatable but the bottom-line is, women are yet to get paid for their talents.Jul 11,  · In sports, there's never been a gender gap between men and women.

It's always been more like a chasm. Take golf. South Korea's Inbee Park is . It seems that in the world of sports, the disparity in pay between men and women is greater than the workers of the United States, in which women earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men according to data from the Center for American Progress.

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Gender inequality in sports

Comment. Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Website. Recent Posts. 1 gender in televised sports news and highlights shows, ‐ co‐investigators michael a. messner. Let’s kick gender inequality out of professional sports October 23, Muhaiminul Haque 3 Comments Duke University, FIFA, Juergen Klinsman, women's soccer The U.S.

women’s national soccer team is currently preparing itself for what they hope will be a successful Women’s World Cup. Issue: Gender Inequality in Sports Present: The world of sports is a competitive, popular, and exciting field.

Just this past summer, the FIFA women’s world cup championship game broke records by being the most viewed soccer game ever [1].

Gender Inequality in Sports | Men vs Women