Loganivllle high school

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Loganivllle high school

My only complaint is that the band is very cash and equipment poor.

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The home side brings in literally 10 times more profits To me, in the interest of fairness, maybe the school should alternate school years Posted May 03, Submitted by a parent This is a fantastic school, I have no complaints.

We moved from another county just to send our children here. Posted October 16, Submitted by a parent We moved from out of state and choose this area because of the ease and close proximity to both Atlanta and Athens.

Loganivllle high school

The school is rated a 9 and I think that is a fair description and rating. Most of the teachers are helpful and push the kids to learn. I agree with another review in that I wish there were more Hope eligible electives and I wish the school Loganivllle high school partner with one of the colleges for dual enrollment online, so that our student could take his college level class while at Loganville with no need to travel to another Loganivllle high school.

I think it is a hidden gem so far as schools go. I also wish the school would do a tad bit better seeking out AP students. I wish there was more advanced classes for the students so that you had a tiered system of regular, advanced and AP.

Possibly they could partner with one of the state online systems to expand those classes while adding the technology factor into it automatically. Overall good school and good group of professionals. Posted October 16, Submitted by a parent Education is a hotbed subject these days. I think this school is about average.

Could it do better and have better accolades? Sure it could if we were in a county with excess cash like gwinnett. In reality, the school does fairly well, the teachers are good and the classes are ok.

They have cut a lot due to funding as have all schools. I wish they had more hope eligible electives and I wish they were more forthcoming on those things with parents, but, I asked and they were more than happy to explain.

Yes, as with ANY school out there. I am happy to see them being very consistent with discipline. That is a good thing and keeps the kids in line and respectful which will serve them well later in life. I have two children who have attended the school and we are not from GA so we are sort of outsiders, never any issues with the staff or Principals, everyone is always nice, helpful, understanding and more than willing to assist in any way they can.

The teachers really care about the students. The only thing I wish they did was give parents a recorded phone call if a student does not show up for school, I personally have never had any issues with this but the other High School that my children attended did offer this and I though it was a great feature safty feature.

The system this school is run by, assistance principals and counselors is extremely poor. My child was bullied at that school over and over again by one student. My daughter ended up with an in school suspension because she complained about this other child. I ended up pulling my daughter out of that school because of the politics of the administration in that school.

I rate Loganville High School one of the worse school my child has ever attended due to the lack of compassion by the Principals, etc. I am a alumni and I had the best four years of my life at this school.

My child started just last semester and he loves it and getting good grades. Keep it up LHS.

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Now it is more of a disciplinary school. They do not seemed to concerned about the amount of students that are failing.

Loganivllle high school

These are good students but the enviroment is reppresive to say the least. Also entirely sports oriented. If your child is not into band, football, basketball, cheerleading, etc. They also have what is called the 9th Grade Academy.

This is located at Loganville Middle School and there are no resources for the students. They have to go to the High School for research, library and any other activity, yet they are still going to school with the Middle School students and it is the Middle School that is the priority.

Posted April 23, Submitted by a student I graduated from loganville high school and never regretted a moment there. The school has a wonderful administration and lots of activities for each of the students to be involved in.Ethnic group Essays and Research Papers | nationwidesecretarial.com StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes I attend an all foreign language program that was housed in my elementary / middle school and my mom allowed me to attend the Japanese classes up until the three grade when the program received funding for their.

The national Republican.

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Owning tb same source, w might not stmd by th on and reject the other Iukodorb Parks, in spite of. A 4 year school offers more extracurricular activities than a 2 year school will. Because of this, students at 4-year colleges were engaged in greater levels of ethnic search and exhibited marginally higher levels of ethnic belonging than did students at 2-year colleges (Tsai and Fuligni 62).

High school in real life is full of surprises, but according to David Denby in his article "High School Confidential," High School in the movies is very predictable. Essay about Loganivllle high school person’s identity is shaped when they go off to college. youth and pop culture of s essay; theories x and y essay; medigap program essay; can religion be studied academically essay; too much diversity essay; video game violence essa.

Loganivllle high school. A person’s identity is simply who they are. Different aspects of life can shape the way you define your own identity.

In their article, Kim Tsai and Andrew Fuligni explain that a person’s identity is shaped when they go off to college. Their beliefs gather that a four year college prepares students to seek their.

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