Michael bloomberg business report

The ex-mayor of NYC would have bankrolled a presidential campaign if he thought he had a "reasonable chance" of getting elected. Who would have been his running mate? Mike Mullen, say aides.

Michael bloomberg business report

Like, we tried this, now let's try that. Won't happen given that the energy in Team Blue is coming from the commie contingent these days, but it would be pretty easy to play the "adult in the room" vs.

Who is Bloomberg's constituency within the Democratic base?

"One sane voice fighting tons of nonsense."

New York elites really aren't enough to win a national presidential primary. Stop-and-frisk and similar policies as NYC mayor will make him toxic with black voters who are a huge chunk of the Dem primary vote, and will also alienate much of the activist types.

michael bloomberg business report

And the populist economic hard-left portion of the party hates Bloomberg, they view him as the ultimate Corporate Democrat. I don't see him appealing much to rural Democrats in the South or Midwest either. East coast white urban elitists isn't enough to win a Dem primary nationally, and he'll be competing with others for even those votes.

Basically people who are pro government but pissed off that the government doesn't function well enough. The problem is that these sorts of people are generally pretty split between being democrats, republicans and independents, so he'd have no hope unless Trump drives all of them to register as democrats and vote in the democratic primary.

And even then, they'd be a pretty small base. So his tiny chance goes to no chance if Kasich or Sasse or Flake run as republicans. The blue wave turned into losing at least 2 seats in the Senate, and gaining less seats in the House than the GOP lost.

Now the Democrats are losing voters by the thousands every day and there is not candidate good enough to beat Trump in Even worse is black voters are fleeing the Democratic Party. Worst of all is that nearly every Democrat voter voted in election and many of the races were very close.

There were hundreds of thousands of Republican voters who did not vote in midterms but did during general election It's impressive that you predicted with certainty that the GOP was going to gain seats in the House, and then when the Democrats pick up 40 you can come back here and proclaim that this election proved your prediction of the Democratic Party falling apart was correct.

The Demcrats did not even gain enough seats to get to how many the GOP of the current th Congress has- Republicans. The GOP will have lost 31 seats and flipped 4 senate seats including the shocker Florida.

Millions of Republicans did not vote this midterm while nearly every democrat who wanted to vote did.

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That means that election will be a bloodbath for Democrats and trump will be re-elected. Then census will take House seats from blue states and hand them to Red states like Georgia and Texas.

The Democratic Party is dying and your clinging to 31House seats during midterms and historic aberage losses. I wouldn't count on those house seats going republican. Of course Democrats beat incumbents in Arizona and Nevada. I guess we can agree to disagree whether it's more shocking for Republicans to win in Florida a swing state or for Democrats to win a Senate seat in Arizona for the first time in 30 years.

Or does Beto spending 10x what Cruz spent and Cruz having a very unlikable personality now represent Texas changing to a Dem State?Updated world stock indexes. Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data.

Bloomberg Philanthropies works to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people. 11 days ago · Michael Bloomberg's Chances of Becoming President: Slim, None, and Fat The latest trial balloon from the perennial White House Hamlet contains more lead than the paint of a .

The firm also has a syndicated news service, publishes magazines (including Bloomberg Businessweek), and disseminates business information via Bloomberg Television, radio, and the Web. Michael Bloomberg founded the company in ; he owns a majority of the firm.

Michael Bloomberg arrives for the annual U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting, in Bloomberg this week pledged $1 million to the Washington carbon-fee campaign and $20 million to help Democrats.

New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg urged world leaders not to follow President Donald Trump's lead on climate change and declared his intention to help save an international agreement to.

michael bloomberg business report
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to visit Gary October 8 | Gary/Chicago Crusader