Power of positive thinking book summary

Norman Vincent Peale Norman Vincent Peale, born in in southwestern Ohio, graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University and later received his bachelor's and master's degrees in sacred theology from Boston University's School of Theology. Peale then attended Syracuse University where he received a doctor of divinity degree.

Power of positive thinking book summary

Not knowing anything about the book or author, I decided to read it. Because of the recommendations I had received, I was very surprised at how explicitly Christian the book is; I was expecting a secular "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" kind of self-improvement book.

Instead, the author focuses on prayer and involving God in every aspect of your life; and not just in one or two chapters, but all of them. I'm A few people told me that that this was among the great self-improvement books. I'm a Christian, so I wasn't opposed to the religious content; it just wasn't what I thought I'd find.

With that said, I didn't like how Peale pushed the "health and wealth" gospel. Rather than showing the Christian faith as primarily focused on the spiritual life, Peale described how to use prayer and your relationship with God to succeed materially.

Peale outlines his main formula near the beginning: I included some examples below. Near the beginning, Peale explains that one can use a positive mindset to combat the inferiority complex that many people suffer.

Power of positive thinking book summary

He mentions many studies throughout the book, but I don't believe any of them were cited. Every chapter is chock full of anecdotes and stories. There were a few good tips in the book, but overall it lacked enough practical advice to make it worth reading.

Learn to slow your pace and delegate work. Explanations of psychosomatic issues. Don't strain so hard. Don't take yourself so seriously.Pollyanna, and her “Power in Positive Thinking”, optimism is not directly addressed, but its basic components and beginnings are introduced.

Power of Positive Thinking Book Summary Words | 10 Pages. Healing Throught the Power of Positive Thinking Healing Through the Power of Positive Thinking 1st Edition Published by.

The Power of Positive Thinking is one of the best self help books in the world.


Today we will review and share the link of this excellent non fiction creation by Norman Vincent nationwidesecretarial.com first published in More than 15 million copies of the power of positive thinking have sold around the world.

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The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale This is a book which has sold millions of copies and is considered a self-help classic.

Account Options The power of positive thinking is remarkable.

It has ‘positive” aspects. I was wondering which came first: this book or the positive psychology trend, approach/5. To imbibe shaken confidence, The Power of Positive Thinking is a book written to help men and women who are haunted with living in a inferiority complex and have lost faith in themselves.

Dr. Peale wrote 46 books, including the classic best-seller, The Power of Positive Thinking, which has demonstrated that a change in a person’s attitude will change his or her life.

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