Reading writing and romance 2014 1040

By Victoria Dahl Feb 07, For Valentine's Day this year, we asked Victoria Dahl, author of Close Enough to Touchas well as many other romance novels, to pick her favorite romance books with a more sinful side.

Reading writing and romance 2014 1040

But have you ever thought about writing a serialized novel?

reading writing and romance 2014 1040

Author Clara Kensie shares her insight on writing and marketing the serialized novel. Wonderful to have you with us, Clara! I am honored to be at Romance University today to talk about description 2: Specifically, the surprising pleasures of reading serials, how to write a serial, and the unique challenges and opportunities for marketing serials.

It was a typical two-book series when Harlequin Teen bought it. But the publishing marketplace is constantly changing, and one style of storytelling that has recently become popular in the digital space is the story serial.

Harlequin Teen was searching for a book they could release as their first serial— not just their first serial, but one of the first YA serials ever. They wanted a book with unique character voices, a breathtaking romance, and a thrilling plot with jaw-dropping twists that would work well for serial breaks and would leave readers dying to know what happens next.

They found that book in a manuscript they had recently acquired: Reading the serialized novel When Harlequin Teen decided to serialize my two-book series into six parts, it came as a complete surprise to me. I did not want them to serialize my books.

In fact, I was so opposed to the idea, and I was so stressed about it, that my jaw joints locked up. I am not exaggerating. Eventually, however, I decided to give the serial thing a chance. I bought a few serials among them: And you know what?

I truly enjoyed the experience. I am extremely busy, as most people are. But with a serial, I can always find an hour or two during the week to read one of the episodes.

I also like the versatility of serials. They give you a choice: People do that all the time with TV series on Netflix — savor or binge, right? I savored some serials: I woke up each Tuesday, knowing the newest episode had been released while I slept, and was waiting for me on my e-reader.

For other serials, if all the installments had already been released, I binged: I read the entire book at once. We discussed each part as it released, the same way we discuss our favorite weekly television series.

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We anxiously anticipated the next installment together: What do you think will happen next? What will they do? It was a really, really fun time. Writing your serialized novel So, how does one go about writing a serialized novel? You must have a strong sense of pacing as you develop the highs and lows that bring the characters and plot to a new level with each installment, but still leave more to do and learn, giving the reader a breathing point yet leaving them wanting to know what happens next.

You want to end each installment in such a way that the reader must find out what happens next. Many chapters end on a cliffhanger.A very charming love story that any girl would love. The main character Reese is a smart contradiction of free spirit & insecurities of a young adult.

A little about my interests: I like reading science fiction or fantasy books with plenty of intrigue and adventure, something that explains my overactive imagination.

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