Srs for online banking system

Introduction This document gives detailed functional and nonfunctional requirements for the bank management system. This product will support online banking transaction. The purpose of this document is that the requirements mentioned in it should be utilized by software developer to implement the system. The Traditional way of maintaining details of a user in a bank was to enter the details and record them.

Srs for online banking system

It will enable vendors to setup online shops, customer to browse through the shop and purchase them online without having to visit the shop physically. The administration module will enable a system administrator to approve and reject requests for new shops and maintain various lists of shop category.

Customer, Administrator, Visitor etc.

Integrated Bank Environment

General Description The Online Shopping system OSS application enables vendors to set up online shops, customers to browse through the shops, and a system administrator to approve and reject requests for new shops and maintain lists of shop categories.

Also the developer is designing an online shopping site to manage the items in the shop and also help customers purchase them online without having to visit the shop physically. The online shopping system will use the internet as the sole method for selling goods to its consumers.

Functional Requirement This section provides requirement overview of the system. Various functional modules that can be implemented by the system will be - 3. The security will provide by the third party like Pay-Pal etc.

Srs for online banking system

It will require an internet server and which will be able to run PHP application. The system should support some commonly used browser such as IE etc. Interface Requirement Various interfaces for the product could be- 1.

There will be a screen displaying information about product that the shop having. If the customers select the buy button then another screen of shopping cart will be opened.

After all transaction the system makes the selling report as portable document file.Maybank Online Banking System Maybank is a trade name for Malayan Banking Berhad and is the largest bank and financial group in Malaysia with significant banking operations in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Maybank was founded by Malaysian business tycoon . In this student project guide article we shared SRS Of Office Automation System. The office automation system is an application that is designed to automate the processes that take place in the college office. State Bank launches Systemic Risk Survey (SRS) system as a whole and banking system in particular.

SRS is a market intelligence tool, used by central banks around the world, whereby feedback. Banking System Srs Document.

Payroll Management System Srs Document, Online Library Management System Srs Document, Employee Information System Srs Document. INFO-SHEET Generic introduction to the Linux operating system This document provides basic information about the Linux operating system.

Online Banking System Requirements Personal Online Banking INTRUST Personal Online Banking has been optimized to run on a fairly standard platform compatible with the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Srs for banking system 1. Software Requirements Specification for Banking System Topic Name Page No. 1. Introduction 1.

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