The characters of im not scared

Tigger Pooh's exuberant, happy, less-than-responsible and sometimes trouble-making tiger friend.

The characters of im not scared

She is the former leader of the Khaos Brigade. She is one of the most powerful Dragons in existence, even after losing a large part of her powers in Volume 11 because of Samael 's curse. These powers were later used for giving birth to Lilith. Contents [ show ] Appearance Ophis's current appearance is that of a cute young girl with long black hair down to her hips and black eyes gray in the anime.

Her ears differ from a normal human's as they have pointed tips, although her long black hair makes this feature difficult to notice. Azazel stated that Ophis had the appearance of an old man in the past before changing it. Her body measurements are [BWH70]; height is [ cm] and body weight is [31 kg].

The characters of im not scared

Her attire consists of a black Gothic Lolita fashion. However, Ophis is a true shapeshifter, able to freely manipulate her body shape and size to assume any form that she chooses, regardless of her age, race, or gender.

Unlike the other Dragons that have large reptilian-like bodies, Ophis is a human-shaped Dragon. Personality Being born from nothingness, Ophis rarely shows any sort of emotion, only wanting to get rid of the Great Red and return to the Dimensional Gap to obtain "silence".

Issei describes Ophis as an honest and pure Dragon who is naive. Azazel indicates Ophis has changed because of her interaction with The characters of im not scared, but how is never described. Due to her extreme naivety, she acts like a child mimicking actions that catch her attention and always wandering off to anything she finds interesting.

The characters of im not scared

In a side-story, Ophis shows a somewhat rude but accurate way to describe people. She is brutally honest to people as she isn't aware of what she says as she is an emotionless being.

Whenever she is asked a question she seems to take interest in, she goes into "?

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Ophis can also be quite cocky as shown in a short story, where she boasted how she is stronger than Michael. History Some time in the distant past, Ophis was born in the Dimensional Gap and lived there as its home.

Eventually, long ago, Ophis left the Gap, but when she attempted to return, she found that the Great Red had taken up residence there. Before assuming her current form, she used a different guise in the form of an elderly man.

At some point before the start of the series, Ophis became the leader of the Khaos Brigade. Plot Ophis' name was mentioned in Volume 4in which Ddraig calls her "the strongest existence". Ophis pretending to shoot the Great Red before leaving She made her official appearance in Volume 6 in the Underworld to look at the Great Red before retreating.

She was asked by Sirzechsif she would quit the Khaos Brigade, but refused since Sirzechs refused to give her the area of the dimensional rift and to surrender to her rule. Her powers were later stolen by Cao Cao and Georgwho used Samael on her. At the end of Volume 11, she was kidnapped by Shalba Beelzebub with Issei rescuing her, but receiving Samael's curse as a result.

Ophis hitting the Great Red In Volume 12Ophis and Issei were on top of the Great Red after he passed through the crumbling dimension they were both on, rescuing the two of them. She then used her powers on Great Red's flesh to form a new body for Issei. When Issei returned to the Underworld, Ophis guided Issei by sensing where his friends were, telling him the directions on how to get there.

Following the crisis in the Underworld, she moves into the Hyoudou Residence at the end of Volume 12 to continue "observing" Issei much to the shock of the other girls, as a part of her was used to recreate Issei's body with Great Red's flesh.

In Volume 13 Extra Life, Ophis is seen playing with Rassei whom she has developed a close relationship with, even going as far as stating that she will train the young Dragon.

Issei remarks that Ophis' interest in the egg is probably because she's never seen something being born. During Issei's battle with Rizevim, she speaks with him telepathically and together they chant a new chant that temporarily lets Issei borrow her power, which gave him access to a new form; Diabolos Dragon, however the form caused him some him Dragon Deficiency.

Ophis in her adult form In Volume 21during Issei's battle with Apophis, he asked Ophis for her infinity power to enter his DxD form.

Later when Issei wakes up in the in hospital after his fight, Ophis had already transformed into an adult figure of herself, which he notices that he is able to see breasts again. Vali revealed that Ophis had adjusted the borrowed power by stabilizing the infinity power within him to a level that his mind and body could withstand, effectively curing him of his Dragon Deficiency and resulting her current state.

When Issei heard about the loss of Azazel, Sirzechs and the others, Ophis and Lilith held his arm ensuring him that they'll always stay with him. Ophis appeared in Volume 23she played a game with Lilith and Kunou of who can stay underwater the longest in the bathtub.

In Volume 24almost everyone from the Hyoudou Residence came to have an enjoyable at the school pool, Ophis, Lilith and Kunou in particularly were playing a ball game within the pool.I’m Not Scared was published in and was an instant success, translated into 20 languages and adapted for a major feature film.

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