The darkness within

While sailing up the Congo River from one station to another, the captain became ill and Conrad assumed command. He guided the ship up the tributary Lualaba River to the trading company's innermost station, Kinduin Eastern Kongo. The story's main narrator, Charles Marlow, has similar experiences to the author himself.

The darkness within

The darkness within

What if he took Harry straight to him instead? A Dark Harry fanfic. Even at the age of one, Harry, her son had such similarities to his father. She had always told her husband to do something about his hair but James would always flash a dazzling smile at her and continue to run his hand through his hair, making it messier.

She knew perfectly well who Harry was looking for. Of course for an ordinary one year old it was not possible to be able to determine the time but Harry was no ordinary boy.

Harry and his parents were a wizard family. James was a pureblood, while Lily came from a muggle family. Even so, she was one of the most talented witches of her generation.

As if on cue James arrived through the front door of the house looking a little dismayed, but at the sight of Harry and Lily, his hazel eyes lit up and a small smile graced his face.

He is a boy not a man. James just shrugged and replied. It just sounds weird, like I am telling him off. Lily smiled at her husband. Lily was just about to get up to get dinner when a knock interrupted them.

James was instantly on alert.

The darkness within

He silently handed Harry over to Lily and drew out his wand. He went over to the door and motioned Lily to go to the other room with Harry. Lily nodded and proceeded to the room quickly.

Lily waited apprehensively, wand held in one hand while still carrying Harry. She would hex anyone that as much as cast a shadow over her only son. She heard James mutter a spell that allowed him to see who was at the door.

Suddenly the door was opened and Lily could hear laughing and a voice that she knew all too well. She came out of her room and made her way downstairs. Sirius had annoyed Lily senseless in her years at Hogwarts, always goofing around with James and getting him into all sorts of trouble.Heart of Darkness () is a novella by Polish-English novelist Joseph Conrad about a narrated voyage up the Congo River into the Congo Free State in the so-called heart of Africa.

Charles Marlow, the narrator, tells his story to friends aboard a boat anchored on the River setting provides the frame for Marlow's story of his obsession with the ivory trader Kurtz, which enables. 'The Whisperer in Darkness' by H. P. Lovecraft.


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I am making some extra prints of certain photographs taken by me, which I think will help to prove a number of the points I have touched on. Further Within Darkness & Light is a collection of poetry and verse, from across the world.

Featuring the very finest of international talent. kiss tribute.

How can I protect myself from lower entity attacks/attachment? Religion[ edit ] The first creation narrative in Christianity begins with darkness, into which is introduced the creation of light, and the separation of this light from the darkness as distinct from the creation of the sun and moon on the fourth day of creation. Thus, although both light and darkness are included in the comprehensive works of the almighty God—darkness was considered "the second to last plague" Exodus

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