The role of modern technologies in

The revolution in communication technologies has enhanced human communication to the point that one can easily be in touch with somebody in a distant land in a matter of seconds. The entire epoch of the Nigerian society is regrettably painful. The race for the 21st century is on at the herm of the new millennium. To achieve communication efficiency in the modern information age demands investigation and study countries like America, Germany and Britain experience and continue to experience revolution.

The role of modern technologies in

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Although it is riot always recognized even by people who should know, these fields are inseparable in the real world, and they must be studied jointly if either is to be fully un- derstood. Authors and readers of this volume share much in spins, if not in circum- stance, with our eighteenth-century forefathers.

Just as they were, we are presented by circumstances win the opportunity to reexamine our national goals and to reorient our future in the face of adverse economic conditions. And, just as those Revolutionary War patriots were called upon to take a stand years ago, so modern Americans were summoned by President Reagan in his State of the Union address to what he termed the "Second American Revolution.

We must, however, be prepared to seize those opportunities if we are to capitalize on them. That can be done only from a position of knowledge and understanding of He interrelationships among all segments of our society. I wish to share an observation on He recently published report, Global Competition: It is a call to action.


There seem to be irregular swings in public favor. At the turn of the century, there was a great outpouring of public interest in and support for the activities of such people as Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers.

In He s, some of the civil engineering achievements of our times inspired public interest, awe, and enthusiasm. Hoover Dam, the first American megaproject, attracted a near-continual stream of tourists to the Nevada desert long before construction even started.

Dunng the initial post-World War II years, the mids through He s, the public mood continued on He side of technology. Jet airplanes were flying higher, farmer, and faster.

Those years also spawned He computer revolution, which in turn allowed the pace of technological advance to quicken and inspired even greater levels of public interest and support.

The role of modern technologies in

But without public support, technology wipers. For example, during its infancy and years of coming of age, the nuclear power industry was enthu- siastically supported, eagerly awaited by an overwhelming majority of the American public.

Yet, with the cooling of public sentiment for technology in the mids, the nuclear power industry came to a stalemate. During the decades of the s and s, we saw the rise of an enonnous public cynicism toward technologists and technology. Industrialists were characterized as wrong until proven right.

Engineers were branded as self- centered, lacking in concern for their environment, or even for Heir fellow- man. More recently, however, we have seen signs Hat the public view has turned around again.May 14,  · In the modern age, it is proved that digital marketing is a great tool which let you promote your products or services to the global market while sitting in the comfort of your remote office or home.

The Role of Modern Technology in Fleet Management Since the past decade, transport and fleet companies have grown so fast and the competition in the market has become stiff. In order to establish a name in the competitive market, a company must learn how to embrace the ever-changing trends.

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Modern technology is simply an advancement of old technology. The impact of technology in modern life is unmeasurable, we use technology in different ways and sometimes the way we implement various technologies do more damage than good.

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