Tissue donations

The Benefits of Organ Donation: Statistics tell us that one person can donate eight life-saving organs, as well as tissue and corneas that can drastically improve the lives of another 75 people. But do you understand how significant of an impact each gift can truly make? Heart Donation A donated heart helps people struggling with life-threatening heart failure, including congenital defects and valve dysfunctions.

Tissue donations

Our number one mission is to do pathology based research on Tick Borne Illnesses and look for infectious etiologies in neurological disorders such as: Our fund also pays for the training of Tissue donations microscopists to train them in our proprietary pathology techniques, and proprietary fluorescent staining for Borrelia species.

Our fund also pays for the creation of new state-of-the-art FISH stains for more bacterial species, and parasites. Our Study Criteria The patient criteria to meet our study guidelines for registry for free brain autopsies are difficult and stringent. However patients that do not meet our study-criteria can still pay a minimal amount to have their tissues harvested and prepped for study to look for Borrelia and other organisms within the brain.

After the family pays the expense of tissue harvest and tissue prep, then we do all the research for free and report back to the Tissue donations the results.

We retain the right to use the data for publication. We try to preregister potential patients for our publishable-work by looking at the following criteria: How long the patient has been sick?

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Are they sick at the time of their death? Did they have a history of diagnosed Lyme disease or Relapsing Fever? Do they currently have a serious neurologic disorder like: Has the patient been previously treated aggressively with antibiotics? We are especially interested in retired Forestry Workers, Rangers, Outdoorsman, Farmers, Large animal Vets, or any workers exposed to ticks on a weekly basis.

In some cases hospitals will pay for tissue harvest and will only charge for shipping tissues. Patients who do not meet the requirements for us to pre-approve them into our research can still contribute to the PHD-Fund to have autopsy research done.

We are the only organization dedicated to pathology work on Lyme disease patients! We are the least expensive and have tools other labs do not have. If you or a family member wishes to donate any organs to our research the following steps must be taken and the family prior to death should put some monies aside to harvest the tissues needed, and to prepare them for research.

The family member left with the legal responsibilities must sign the patient consent form. The written instructions must be available to the family before death occurs.

At the time of death the local pathologist should contact our pathologist Paula Pierce or Tom Grier for tissue preparation procedures, and shipping information. We cannot control this cost or help with harvesting costs.

Norman, OK Phone: This lab will accept any formalin fixed tissue, or paraffin blocks. For fresh tissues or frozen contact Tom Grier before shipping.

Paula Pierce will prep all materials in paraffin blocks and then make slides for staining.

Tissue donations

If Paula sees anything of interest she will ship slides to: Tom Grier for special staining.One tissue donor can improve the lives of over people. You have the power to save, and it starts with a simple "yes." Anyone over the age of 16 can register as a donor .

Some families don’t want all the details, and it’s up to the organization seeking the tissue to judge how much to disclose, according to Christina Strong, a lawyer for organ and tissue banks and an expert on donation regulations.

Connor Man Defeat DIPG Foundation encourages tumor tissue donation by families, which is an essential component to furthering research into DIPG.

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If you are a family that wants to learn more about tissue donation options during and/or after treatment, there . Intermountain Donor Services (IDS) is a federally designated nonprofit procurement organization dedicated to the recovery of organ, eye, and tissue donation for transplantation.

Our employees help save and enhance lives! purchase of human fetal tissue; solicitation or acceptance of tissue as directed donation for use in transplantation. Part G of title IV of the Public Health Service Act, as amended by section of this Act, is amended by inserting after section A the following section.

Organ and tissue donation is the process of recovering organs and tissues from a deceased person and transplanting them into others in order to save or enhance the lives of those in need. Up to eight lives can be saved through organ donation, and dozens more lives may be improved through tissue donation.

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