Verizon business plans for phones

As soon as I go outside I have no service. Not able to dial. After several calls made to Verizon I was told they lost contract with other providers and no longer have adequate cell towers in my area.

Verizon business plans for phones

Had to switch to Verizon - qualified for a rebate for switching phone over. Fast forward 4 mos and I'm calling them monthly and reexplaining the problem - I was told to wait 45 days before I activated a "new" phone, which I did. Was using an old phone but did buy a newer phone because get this - "switch your old phone over" for rebate BUT we can't ensure you phone if verizon business plans for phones not Verizon.

Each time I call in I have to re-explain that I waited the 45 days. They check and then say okay, "we will review and send you an email on results.

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Each call I'm escalating to a supervisor and spending 30 minutes with them - and they review the file and do not solve. I am at the point I'm going to leave this company. It's not the They spend far too much of their budget talking up themselves in marketing efforts, but fail to spend the money on those actual services.

Recently we ordered HD premium Fios for an elderly family member. Without the GUIDE function on the TV there is no way to determine what you are watching or select the channel to view two view what is on or coming up. This was never mentioned but no surprise.

Verizon is a predatory company. They lack service and professionalism. It is no wonder why they have such poor reviews with the exception of the reviews they pay for. They will lie to you outright to get a sale.

verizon business plans for phones

I was browsing online and had a question about a plan so I checked the chat window. Nice lady liar told me if I switched plans to a Verizon Wireless monthly prepay, then that month would not start till I activate the device on Verizon Wireless service.

That was a lie. The month started immediately, and now I lose a month service since I was already paid up on Boost.

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I wish only the worst things for that company from top to bottom. The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch was defective! I took the watch back to the store and they still charged me a 50 dollar Restocking fee for the Galaxy Samsung Smartwatch that Samsung said was defective! I wouldn't recommend buying any products from Verizon Wireless!

I had been with Verizon for over 10 years, and my contract was up, so I took them up on the deal. And then the problems started. I bought two phones. Each phone qualified for the deal, but Verizon would only acknowledge one phone.

After 3 months of fighting, a complaint to the consumer fraud unit of the Ohio Attorney General's Office, and a request the dispute go to binding arbitration.

Verizon relented, and put the credit on both phones. But not before trying to paint me as a problem child when they responded to the Ohio Attorney General's complaint.

After the above circus, there was no way I was about to take another 2 year contract with Verizon. Before terminating my contract, I verified with Verizon what the early exit would cost me.Verizon Business Cell Phone Plans Compare Verizon Wireless business cell phone plans at Wirefly to find the right wireless package for your business.

We make it possible for you as a business owner or IT decision maker to compare different Verizon business cell phone plans . Original review: Nov.

verizon business plans for phones

15, Two years ago, I saw a great offer from Verizon Wireless on Black Friday. New phones with a 2 year contract for $!0 per month, after an $18 per month credit. Residential; Business. Business Phone, Internet, TV & Network Services Technology and network solutions designed for organizations with less than employees.

Enterprise Technology & Wireless Solutions Solutions and services for organizations with or more employees. Wirefly and T-Mobile are a winning combination for wireless phone consumers. Use Wirefly to compare T-Mobile cell phone plans in order to find the best T-Mobile cell phone plan for your needs.

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