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For some, buying and selling tangible pieces of history is a business — for others, it is a calling. While lots of people are familiar with antique collecting, many are unaware of the growing market for other collectibles, from cars, to toys, to comic books, to folk art. According to the U. Everyone, it seems, has a touch of nostalgia from time to time, a sentimental yearning to return to days of past happiness.

Write antiques and collectibles

Touch them, Smell them. Feel the texture and the age. Everything else is just preparation. I have attended classes by "experts" at community colleges. Mostly a waste of time. You might learn something, but the class I took was a woman with a bunch of price guides and little hands on experience.

The prices she used as examples were spotty and ill-informed. You need hands on experience. It is the only way to get a good feel for the antiques.

write antiques and collectibles

Here is a short course to help you learn about antiques and collectibles. That means you learn about one type of antique that interests you at a time.

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There is no way you can learn everything about everything, but you can build a great base of knowledge about one type of item. Once you have a deep understanding of one item it will be easier to learn about other items. Go out to every antique store in your area and look at their inventory.

Get the store owners to tell you about their items. Here's some typical questions to ask: How many types of these were made? What makes one item worth more than another?

Age, condition, manufacturer, completeness, quality, etc. What versions are more sought after by collectors? What was the item originally used for?

What are the better brand names and what are their marks?

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If so, how do you tell originals from the copies? One question you always want to ask is what questions should you ask. Many shop owners and collectors enjoy talking with people who share their interests. By expressing an interest and listening to them, they will open up to you and share their knowledge.

It might take you a few visits to get some of them to open up to you. Demonstrate your interest and keep politely visiting them. Read books and consult internet guides to learn additional information.If you’re buying and selling collectibles a regular basis, knowing some basic tax rules and regulations is a good idea.

Collectors and dealers of sports cards, sports memorabilia and other collectibles need to be aware of the tax implications of their pursuit whether it is a hobby or run as a business.

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write antiques and collectibles

Write your caption here. Button. Slide title. Write For Us; Online Retailers & Sales Tax – Business Obligations Under the New Law How to Find Antiques & Collectibles and Negotiate a Fair Price.

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By Michael Lewis Posted in: has a touch of nostalgia from time to time, a sentimental yearning to return to days of past happiness. Antiques and collectibles are tangible evidence of.

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