Writing a 301 redirect generator

Useful Redirects for SEO using. This usually occurs when migrating a website from one domain to another or perhaps even updating a website to use a new system or framework where the previous URL structure cannot be effectively replicated. These changes can result in a sharp rise in the number of responses on our new website as the pages now no longer exist. However depending on the structure of the old URL there may be different ways to achieve this.

Writing a 301 redirect generator

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writing a 301 redirect generator

Corrected a problem with failing to quote some special characters including hyphen. Until this point, writing these had been a fairly exhausting process as you need to be certain to escape every character that could be picked up by the regular expression engine, or risk unintended consequences.

On top of that, writing these rewrites to catch GET parameters in any order is complex to say the least. While working through a large list of s for a very picky server where Redirect style redirects were not an option, I began setting up RewriteRule's by hand and decided there had to be a better way.

My RewritRule Builder was born. I hope someone finds this useful. Any comments are welcome below, of feel free to fork me on github! Please make sure you have RewriteEngine On somewhere near the top of your.

The tool can only do so much, and sometimes you need human help. Send me a note on my contact page and we can discuss your options. Dan Shields on Oct.

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This thing is the greatest tool ever. I would have figured someone had created this but when searching not much was showing up and you just saved me hours of converting 6 hundred or so urls.

This is a great tool and you saved my time a lot. God this is a wonderful tool: Night Lion on Mar. Martin Emmert on May. You saved me a lot of trouble and pain!!

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Saved me a bunch of mind-numbing data entry. Such a useful tool. You're a life saver! Gareth on Saved me a huge amount of time and confusion. Anton Evers on Nov. I'll fork it too. See if I can tweak the order of the rules so general rules come after specific ones. Anton Sombetzki on Jan.

Anne-Mieke Bovelett on Feb. Marc Heatley on Jun. It's a total lifesaver. You don't understand how much this helped me. Thank you so much for making my life so much easier! Duane on Thanks so much for such an incredibly great tool! We had to create redirects for the relaunch of an ecommerce platform, and this made it incredibly easy.

Thank you for making this tool! Thanks a lot I bought you a beer ;- Comment by: Nathan Gaw on Aug. I bought you a beer. Raymond on VERY useful online tool!

writing a 301 redirect generator

Don on Thank you, for this tool. Working like a charm.A collection of nationwidesecretarial.comss snippets. Contribute to phanan/htaccess development by creating an account on GitHub.

How do you implement a 301 in Apache?

Oct 20,  · HTTP header reponses of htaccessredirectcom show how htaccessredirectcom responds to incoming Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests from connecting clients (e.g. web browsers).

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redirects (temporary redirects) are not often used because in most cases a redirect (permanent redirect) is a better choice.

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So, what is the advantage of a temporary redirect? A redirect will not permanently pass the reputation and credibility of the original URL to the new URL. Using Redirect in nationwidesecretarial.comss file enables you to redirect users from an old page to a new page without having to keep the old page.

For example, if you use nationwidesecretarial.com as your index file and then later rename nationwidesecretarial.com to nationwidesecretarial.com, you could set up a redirect to send users from nationwidesecretarial.com to nationwidesecretarial.com Nov 30,  · Like HttpResponseRedirect, but it returns a permanent redirect (HTTP status code ) instead of a "found" redirect (status code ).

HttpResponseNotModified The constructor doesn't take any .

How to redirect pages using a redirect and the .htaccess file - Apache Digital Corporation